Our Purpose

To empower individuals by providing a high level of support to enhance their lifestyle


Providing choice to our clients on who supports them & when


Embracing openness, trust & diversity in all relationships


Accepting responsibility and delivering on commitments


Doing the right thing at all times, in all circumstances

Because everyone’s needs are different, Total Support Services (TSS) offers personalised assistance for anyone living with a disability, but living independently.

We understand that basic caring help, with self-care and routine can make all the difference in helping to make life satisfying and dignified.

Tailored support by TSS means that living independently at home need not be a burden. We can assist in any area at all; such as help with social matters, perhaps personal care or even just lending a hand with those little things around the house that have become a challenge.

We understand that family and friends are a great help in maintaining an independent lifestyle, but of course everyone needs a break now and then and many of our clients find that this is where TSS support is so valuable – helping everyone’s lives to run just that little bit smoother.

Improved quality of life and respite when it’s needed. We’re here for you when you need us with personalised support.